Whisky 2020 – 6-12 – Bushfire Relief Tasting

6 – Armorik 2016 Maître de chai 46%
Nose is cream, cloves and caramel. Some dust and orange zest.

Palate quite cooling initially, really sherry fino influence. Sticky cinnamon buns and salted butter.

Finish cream and herbaceous


7 – Overeem sherry cask OHD30 43%
Varnish and cream! Blackberries, lpg, mandarins and eggy pudding on the nose.

Palate is refreshing. Slight citrus, creme caramel,

Finish is pine and citrus cooling.


8 – Redlands Private Investor Cask RD208#16
Nose is wonderful friendly bananas split with chocolate. Some cream and freshly cut pine.

Palate of bananas, cream and egg whites. It’s hot and big!

Finish salt, cream, cucumbers and new make.

** (not great but glad I got to try it)

9 – Longrow 11 years by Cadenhead cask strength Port Cask 57.8%
Nose of prunes, figs, sweat, chlorine, earth, chocolate and cream

Palate of ashy stones, mango, Seville orange, rich earth. Prunes, leather, liquorice and medicinal.

The medicinal nature rings through the finish, and then some delicious caramel.


10 – Ardbeg Drum committee release
Nose of caramel, salt preserved lemon, sea spray, stones and paprika

Strongly tropical palate with clear pineapple, ash, salt. Great and intense minerality gives way to loads of tropical fruit and oranges.

Yoghurt, pineapple and ash.


11 – Laphroaig Cairdeas 2012 (18th year of Friends of Laphroaig)
Nose is quite tropical, pineapple and mango skins,

Palate is really ash and minerally, plastic, corn chips, but then kicks into clear sweetness.

Finish is cooling coals and ash. Beautiful clarity.


12 – Ledaig 1974 43% (bottled 1992)
Nose is chocolate pudding, old cream and smoke. Waxy, hay and stones. Coconut rough!

Palate orchard fruits apples, pears, wax. Chocolate and earthy stones.

Finish is more stones and green moss. Extremely long… more chocolate, ashy stones and finally cream. and butter.


Whisky 2017 – 166-171 – The Gresham, Brisbane

Back in Brisbane for work and I took the opportunity to visit The Gresham again. Fun place, not up to the standard of Mebourne’s biggies but a solid selection. The Octomore 7.3 was excellent! 

166 – Signatory Glenturret 1987 Hogshead Cask 374 50.1%
Short bread, preserved lemons, leather, caramel, Marion’s fruit buns, jelly fruits. Herbaceous, peaches, apricots, butter, cream, salt, tobacco, menthol, hobnobs, milk chocolate.

167 – SMWS 46.32 Glenlossie “Summertime and the whisky is easy” 1992 22 years
Toffees, Madeira cake, kiwi fruit, pineapple daiquiri, malty, macadamias, soapy, bubbling bicarb. Disappointing and confused on the palate the butter hits after a strange bitter note, stone fruits, sulfur, shortbread, slight iced coffee.

168 – Glendronach 2003 PX Puncheon Cask 4034
Wood shavings, marshmallows, pineapple upsidedown cake, lemon butter, chicos, peanut brittle and ozone. Whipped cream, wood, leather, salt, roasted peanuts, rose petals, melted butter, hazelnuts, loads of Manzanilla, weak raspberry cordial, still young and fresh, slightly dusty and green almonds, chestnut cake.

169 – Glendronach Peated
Cream, apples, band aids, imperial leather soap. A really pleasant dram fruity (peaches and apples) and friendly, some oaky and buttery notes and a touch of flinty smoke. Pretty simple but easy drinking.

170 – Ardbeg Kelpie
Heather, leather, cream, caps, salt, pink pepper corns, honey, plastic toys, ham on rye, apple snow. Earthy and leafy, flint, coals in a cold fire, cream, Guinness – better on the nose.

171 – Bruichladdich Octomore 7.3
Caramel toffees, plasticine, Eaton mess, smoke, wood glue, fake Parmesan, milk chocolate, leafy. Quite dry and smokey, bacon and HP sauce sandwich, dried apple rings, sulfur, salt, cream, tea tannins, burning leather and bracken.

Whisky 2015 – 73-77 Ardberg Day

Happy Ardbeg Day! A silly event but a good excuse to drink some Ardbeg. I went to the tasting at Whisky and Alement – let’s see how they went down.

73 – Ardbeg 10
Mulch, autumn leaves, smoked meats, iodine, brown sauce. Green, tobacco, salt, some candy sweetness.

74 – Ardbeg 10 (Early 2000 bottle)
Jules at W&A explained that due to the closure of Ardbeg in the 90s it is likely that there was 1981 distilled whisky in the bottle. It was rounder and gentler. Still that lovely autumn leaves thing also a slightly oily note. More honey sweetness and less candy.

75 – Ardbeg Auriverdes
Chocolate and plasticity, warm spices in there like clove, brown sugar – still that green peaty note. Sweet candy, vanilla, bracken.

76 – Ardbeg Perptuum
Leaves, iodine, sweetness of roasted shallots. Soft, salty, brine, pepper, some fruit sweetness and a touch of that green bracken. Very easy to drink!

77 – SMWS 33.118 “Good bye to care” (Ardbeg)
Cloves, pepper, tobacco, vanilla. Dry, short, autumn leaves, vanilla and iodine.


Whisky 2014 138-140

First up a big thanks to the staff at Whisky & Alement throughout the year and especially tonight. I set Luke, James and Brendan each challenge after a strange day. The first was a whisky for the end of an era, next was a whisky for starting new and finally a whisky to head home to. Great choices guys.

I’m not sure if it was my mood but the first two whiskies had strong memory links for me – being on the beach in winter as a kid and my mums cake mixture.

138 (end of an era) – Ardbeg Supernova
Sickly sweet (in a good way), rubber, cola lollies, green peaty seaweed monster… Pepper, salt, a winter rainy/windy day at the beach, bitter chocolate, apricots and rubber.

139 (start of something new) – Tormore 16
Proving bread, my mums butter cake batter, maple syrup. Melons, rubber, apricot bar.

140 (heading home) – Gordon & MacPhail Alba Whisky
Vanilla and tropical fruits. Orange cake with chocolate sauce.