Whisky 2016 – 7-8

Annoyingly my post on these two got deleted – I actually wrote something detailed for a change. 

Anyway the upshot was these drams from “Wheaty Whisky” are their independent bottlings of Southern Coast Distilleries. This is seriously rare stuff from South Australia. As far as I am aware these drams are only available at The Wheatsheaf in Adelaide. 

You can read the sad tale of Southern Coast here

7 – Wheaty Whisky Cask #23 Port Cask bottle 5/60 (distilled by Southern Coast)
Huge maple syrup, really woody and leathery, musk. Woody, cream, butter, really long, slightly toasty and creamy – a really late brandy butter, coffee and rock melon note is surprising.

8 – Wheaty Whisky Cask Strength PX (distilled by Southern Coast)
Pine resin, maple syrup, French toast with blueberries, coffee, banana. Cream, wood, slight pipe tobacco note, slight milk chocolate, sarsaparilla and cola – quite light on the palate given the huge resiny nose.


Whisky 2016 – 5-6

5 – High West Rendezvous Rye Batch 14F17
Crushed ants, milk chocolate, raspberry lollies, vanilla, marshmallows. Raspberry lollies, musk sticks, my Nan’s whipped cream (full of vanilla essence and airy). Water is no help here, slight watermelon note comes into play.

6 – Whistlepig Straight Rye 10 Years
Bananas lollies, brown sugar, raspberry, vanilla pudding, watermelon (this is stuck in my head). Woody palate, deep dark sugar, weak maple syrup, raspberry and raspberry leaves.

And Whisky 2016 is go

And we are away. Bit of a break over January but we will be breaking 150 for the year again.

1 – The Old Malt Cask Benrinnes 15
Sultana Danish, pear juice, toffee, butterscotch, maple syrup on pancakes with sour cream. Dried mango, pepper, fruit cake, pound cake.

2 – The Old Malt Cask Craigellachie 14
Sultanas, brown sugar & butter, wood polish, green bananas. Huge palate, Xmas pudding, custard, salt, slight bitter, slightly woody, slightly sulphury, brown butter and dried stone fruit.

3 – The Coopers Choice Ben Nevis 1996
Eggy cake batter, my Nan’s apricot jam, slight milk chocolate. Apricots, floral, cake mix, vanilla sugar, chocolate milk shake, Sacher torte.


4 – G&M Connoisseur’s Choice Caol Ila 2001
Band-aids, peanuts, autumn leaves, mulch, cured sausage cooked on a fire. Fire place, liquid smoke, jersey creams and a walk down the avenue in late autumn.