Whisky 2014 138-140

First up a big thanks to the staff at Whisky & Alement throughout the year and especially tonight. I set Luke, James and Brendan each challenge after a strange day. The first was a whisky for the end of an era, next was a whisky for starting new and finally a whisky to head home to. Great choices guys.

I’m not sure if it was my mood but the first two whiskies had strong memory links for me – being on the beach in winter as a kid and my mums cake mixture.

138 (end of an era) – Ardbeg Supernova
Sickly sweet (in a good way), rubber, cola lollies, green peaty seaweed monster… Pepper, salt, a winter rainy/windy day at the beach, bitter chocolate, apricots and rubber.

139 (start of something new) – Tormore 16
Proving bread, my mums butter cake batter, maple syrup. Melons, rubber, apricot bar.

140 (heading home) – Gordon & MacPhail Alba Whisky
Vanilla and tropical fruits. Orange cake with chocolate sauce.



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