Whisky 2018 – 100-104 Thornbury Spirits Co Tasting

100 – Thornbury Spirits Co. 1st Release – Vatted Casks 17yo “The forgotten casks”
Nose – pine, rose water, metallic, apricots, marshmallow
Palate – apricots, green almonds, loads of tropical fruits, ice coffee
Finish – super creamy and salt, cold butter with salt

101 – Thornbury Spirits Co. Cask HH0363 17yo
Nose – pine resin, garden pea tart, salted lemons,
Palate – butter, cultured butter, passion fruit vine,
Finish – cream, dried apricots,

102 – Thornbury Spirits Co. HH0367 17yo
Nose – cream, plastic toys, mango, rhubarb, tropical fruits
Palate – burnt matches, salt, cocoa, cream,
Finish – stewed apricots, cream

103 – Port Charlotte 13 Years by The Whisky Find, Leroy cask finished, cask 1049 59.6%
Nose – grilled pineapple, chalk, stewed apricots, aspirin, butter, truffles, ham, dust, hair spray
Palate – vegetal, honey, cream, butter, smoked ham hock, orange zest cake
Finish – cough syrup, leather, beef jerky, instant coffee

104 – Wemyss Malt 1998 Bowmore 2017 bottled “mocha on the deck”
Nose – dark honey, brown sugar, glue and old leaves, milk chocolate mousse, candle wax, apples
Palate – rocks from a fire, autumn leaves, tarte tatin, salt, old rubber, caramel sauce, wax
Finish – wine tannins, salted caramel


Whisky 2016 – 137-139 Back in Melbourne

To celebrate(?) being back home I had three pretty rare Australian whiskies. The Sullivan’s Cove TD0060 is an important Australian whisky as it was the first whisky to be distilled and bottled under the ownership of Tasmania Distillery. Unfortunately, I was a little underwhelmed by it. There was no real complexity or depth, drinking alongside a 3 year old Timboon it really did not stand up. The Southern Coast, again for me drinks as some of Australia’s best whisky. 

137 – Sullivan’s Cove Barrel American Oak TD0060

Floral, yeasty, tinned pineapple, pavlova. Marzipan, clove, raw dough, salt, bitter herbs, sultanas.

138 – Timboon Barrel 9 57%
Coffee, rhubarb, red cordial. Brown sugar, clove, melted butter, hazelnuts, poached rhubarb, sarsaparilla, banana bread.

139 – Malt Whisky Society of Australia Southern Coast Distillers Cask 48
Honey, brown sugar, wood, chicos, malt. Maple syrup, strawberry jam, buttered toast, salt, creme brûlée, tobacco and vanilla.

Whisky 2016 – 45-46

45 – Tasmanian Independent Bottlers (HH0177) Sullivan’s Cove 1999
Yeasty bread dough, chicos, apricots, apricot bars, creamy (it’s Sullivan’s Cove). Very elegant, well structured and light, creaminess, spiced shortbread biscuits, some flintiness. Probably too light for me at 46%, cask strength has ruined me. 

46 – Hellyers Road Port Cask
Stone fruit, passionfruit, lemon zest, modeling glue, hand cream and maple syrup. Passionfruit vine, pear juice, cream, sticks, charcoal, stones, chocolate, banana bread.