Whisky 2015 – 154-156

154 – Mackey Triple Distilled Port Cask
Yeasty, toffee, banana bread, some cloves and other spice, cola, some slight plastic smell and rose petals, some maple. The palate is pretty disappointing and weak with that sort of nose it tastes like it has been cut with water some spices and cream.

155 – Heartwood Convict Resurrection 14
Really nutty on the nose, burnt butter, roses, crisps. Nutty, beef stock and chicken crisps, stewed apples and cream. It works!

156 – Heartwood The Good Convict Port Cask
Huge maple syrup, butter on pancakes, gentle dried fruits. Red apple, cola, cloves and cream, tannic dry finish with loads of dry ginger.



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