In 2014 I drank over 130 different Whisk(e)ys. Mainly from Scotland, some Japanese (I’m a big Japanophile), American and Australian, and even a few Taiwanese, Welsh, French.

I love the stuff. And it’s only a recent love too… Before whisky I was a bit of a wine drinker and I think that has set my palate in good stead. However I wasn’t as serious as I’ve become about whisky. My palate is a bit odd. So be prepared for flowery descriptions and when I say things like “pencil shavings”… I’m not being a wanker, honest. My palate will sometimes be at odds with official tasting notes but who knows.

So here’s the plan; drink at least 150 new drams every year.

Feel free to hit me up if you want to talk whisky!


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