In 2014 I drank over 130 different Whisk(e)ys. Mainly from Scotland, some Japanese (I’m a big Japanophile), American and Australian, and even a few Taiwanese, Welsh, French.

I love the stuff. And it’s only a recent love too… Before whisky I was a bit of a wine drinker and I think that has set my palate in good stead. However I wasn’t as serious as I’ve become about whisky. My palate is a bit odd. So be prepared for flowery descriptions and when I say things like “pencil shavings”… I’m not being a wanker, honest. My palate will sometimes be at odds with official tasting notes but who knows. 

So here’s the plan. I’m aiming for 150 different whiskies in 2015 and I’ll log all of them here. I hope that my blogging attempts are more serious than they’ve been in the past.



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