Whisky 2018 – 35-37

35 – Blair Athol by Antique Lions 28 Years 1988 51.2%
Nose – apples, glue, honey, tropical fruits with whipped cream, wax, tinned pine apple
Palate – passion fruit vine, pastries, danishes, toffee
Finish – Jasmine tea, cream, salt

36 – Blair Athol by Signatory 27 Years 1988 Sherry Butt Cask 6845 55.7%
Nose – toffee, soy sauce, sherry, menthol, mango
Palate – toffee, sherry, marshmallow, fake strawberries
Finish – cream, maraschino cherries

37 – Bruichladdich by Maltbarn 9 Years 2007 fully matured Vosne Romanee Cask 53.4%
Nose – candied bacon, leather, sliced tomatoes with balsamic, salt and pepper, caramels, chlorine
Palate – cream, toffee apples, funky, bbq pork with plum sauce, romesco sauce
Finish – tobacco, leather, wine tannins


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