Whisky 2016 – 162-164 The Elysian Bar opening

Some dear friends of mine Kelvin and Yao have opened The Elysian Bar about 2 minutes walk from my house. It is most excellent – I am sure I will have many a happy night there. Congrats guys!

162 – Ben Nevis 16 1997 by Maltbarn
Apricots, meringue, caramels, strawberry mousse. Stewed apricots, vanilla cream, pepper, Xmas spices, marmalade.

163 – Macduff 25 Years The Whisky Barrel
Overripe bananas, salted caramel, maple syrup. Egg whites, cream, coffee

164 – Tormore 29 Fighting Fish Jack Weibers
Woody pancakes with banana, buttered walnuts, retsina, chocolate. Egg custard, peaches, white chocolate, licorice.

And… I had these two but didnt take notes so they don’t count for the year but I wanted to boast. Both were sensational drops. 
Tormore 1988 27 years
Nikka 2001 Single Cask (120449)


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