Whisky 2016 – 12-20 BenRiach tasting

12 – BenRiach 10 Years
Rubber, honey, slight vanilla, warm cola, slight banana, Xmas fruit, red apple. Stewed Apple, vanilla, tobacco, green grass, firm green pear slices.

13 – BenRiach 16 Years
honey, slight floral note, almost rose petals, apricot jam. Vanilla, stewed pears, dry cake spices, apple tea cake.

14 – BenRiach 20 Years
Apricot jam, brandy snaps, slight cola, runny honey, hand cream, chocolate. Cream, passionfruit, pepper, something green and salty, butter, banana flavoring.

15 – BenRiach 12 Years Sherry Finish (50% Olorosso 50% PX)
Cream, brown sugar, cola, milk chocolate, cloves, egg whites, overripe apple, toffee apple. Quite dry, powdered apple, cream, slight toffee.

16 – BenRiach Curiositas 10 Years Peated
Herbaceous, cream, sight medicinal note, rosemary and thyme, proper bacon, fruit sweetness. Apple, campfire smoke, BBQ chicken, cream and toffee apple, slight molasses and liquorice, minerals.

17 – BenRiach Cask Strength Batch 1
Loads of apricot jam and cream on scones, dates, some dry white characteristics, dried pineapple, butter and maple syrup, floral. Dates, figs, cream, vanilla, dried apricots, butter, some salt and herbs.

18 – BenRiach 25 Years
Really deep apples, marzipan, light musty note, meringue, whipped cream, my Nan’s pavlova, stewed apricots. Cream, orange citrus cake, young mangos, passionfruit vine, juicy apricots.

19 – BenRiach PX Cask #5171 1998
Salted butter, brown sugar, vanilla essence, my mum’s stewed apricots. Cream, stone fruit, brown sugar and Greek yoghurt.

20 – BenRiach Oloroso Cask #8687 1999
Cola and honey, salted butter, chicos, apricot jam, egg whites. Apricots (again) in a pound cake with lashings of creams, some citrus zest, honey. 



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