Cocktails at Bar Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo

I’m not a big fruit cocktail kinda guy but all the rave reviews I’ve read about Bar Gen Yamamoto, I had to give it a whirl. And what an amazing cocktail bar it is. More like a sushi bar than a cocktail bar, with a large wooden counter and 8 seats.

Gen-san is a lovely host and his drinks are superb. He happened to have a Sullivan’s Cove American Oak and a get this, Ichiro’s Malt Monochrome Joker! These are used for cocktails mind you. Unfortunately neither were in my cocktails for the evening, however he produced an amazing Yamazaki 12 and Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin) drink pictured below.

A truly unique and beautiful cocktail bar.



2 thoughts on “Cocktails at Bar Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo”

  1. Hi! Would you know how much a half pour of the monochrome joker costs? Going to visit Bar Gen later this month. Thanks!


    1. Hi Lara, Bar Gen doesn’t work like that – it’s a set menu. Gen works out what is fruit/vegetables are best for the night and you get cocktails based on that. Choice is limited but it’s a lovely experience.

      You’d be better trying Bar Zoetrope (Shinjuku) or Bar Cask Strength (Roppongi).


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